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Kim-hye has 1 review

I called up this agency asking for a high class girl that was young and with a nice pair of breasts and i was suggested this one, and i am glad that i listen as ...

Kioko has 1 review

Boy am i glad that i booked this girl, she had the most amazing skills and knew some positions that i have not even tried and i am glad that i tried them with h ...

Yunis has 1 review

Booking this young girl was the best choice of my life, as she has big breasts and a pretty face and a slim waist and perfect service.

Chi Chi
Chi Chi has 1 review

A little advise when booking these two lovely ladies, i will book for as long as you can, believe me you would not want it to stop as these two girls are really ...

Ye-seul has 1 review

It was the first time that i was booking from this site which i am glad that i did as the time that you booked the for is not rushed, and this girl that i booke ...

Ying Ying
Ying Ying has 1 review

I booked this girl once before and girl had a pretty smile and a perfect figure and gave me a unforgettable time that's why this time i have come back more and ...

Hong Mei
Hong Mei has 1 review

How can i say anything about this girl, apart from all things about her are just perfect.

Sunny has 1 review

I was looking on this site for a long time because it had quite a few busty girls, but then this one caught my eye and i am pleased that i chose this one.

Kimberly has 1 review

When i booked this i didn't expect much, but when i arrived and saw her at her apartment i couldn't keep my eyes off her and touching her especially her boobs

Hwang-kim has 1 review

I booked this girl for an hour incall and when i went there i was surprised of the cleanness of her apartment and then when we went into the bedroom i could not ...

Vivian has 1 review

This is the second time that i have booked this girl and it just keeps on getting better and better that's why i though i write review this time, as she totally ...

Candy has 1 review

I have booked this girl for a outcall as i didn't not want to be alone, i meet her and then went for a little walk and then i took her back to my place to have ...

Alisson has 1 review

When i booked this girl i knew that i would have the most enjoyable time, and i was right she was so active i got tired and then she started to do all the work.

Kyung has 1 review

When she arrived at my hotel room and when i saw this girl i could not believe my eyes as this teenage girl had big breasts and was slim and petite, and a reall ...

Kimchi has 1 review

I could not believe my eyes when this beautiful girl walk through my door, she was wearing a long coat and underneath was a mini skirt and a low cut and see thr ...

Jess has 1 review

I booked this girl as i wanted a busty girl and then when i arrived at her apartment i saw her wearing a see through dress and then when we went into the bedroo ...

Sun-mi has 1 review

I booked this busty teenager for an hour and i loved every moment of the time that i had spent with her.

Mi-na has 1 review

When i first arrived at this girls apartment i was not sure what to expect, but then when she opened the door i was just mesmerised by her beauty and she was we ...

Alisson And Vivian
Alisson And Vivian has 1 review

I had booked this wonderful girl for 1 hour and after the hour i wanted to extend the time, but i could not as she had another booking after, so i said ok that' ...

Hyeon has 1 review

I booked this girl as she was a cute teen, and when i arrived at her apartment she looked so innocent, but then when i walk through the door and into the bedroo ...

Wendy has 1 review

The moment that these two girls walked through the door i was shocked by their beauty and there figures, and then when we got down to business then i didn't wan ...

Hani has 1 review

When these 2 girls arrived at my house for the booking they both looked so innocent then as they came in through the door then they became not so shy and then o ...

Angie has 1 review

This girl when i saw her i just could not stop looking at her and touching her all over, as her skin were silky smooth and she looked really pretty.

Kimi And Joo
Kimi And Joo has 1 review

I was looking for a nice fit girl to take to a private function on a Friday night and i looked on this this website and saw this girl and booked her, and then w ...

Sandra has 1 review

This girl has big breasts and gives the best services ever.

Sally has 1 review

I was having a bad day and i decided book this girl to get rid of some stress and i am glad that i did because the moment i step through the door of her apartme ...

Wei Wei
Wei Wei has 1 review

Booked this girl as she looked really cute, from looking at the pictures on the website, and when she came she was a real cutie pie and had big boobs.

Kiko has 1 review

I booked this girl for a dinner date one night as i felt lonely. So i waited for her to come as i said i will meet her at the restaurant, when she arrived i cou ...

Kim Kim
Kim Kim has 1 review

I booked this girl as i saw the pictures on the website she likes to keep fit at the gym, so i booked her and then asked her to go to the gym with me for a litt ...

Waiko has 1 review

I called up this site to book this girl and ask the reception to ask this girl to wear a school uniform, and when she arrived at my flat she was wearing a schoo ...