Traditional Chinese medicine and massage go hand in hand. If you are familiar with Chinese food and the healing energy that it carries, you will be aware of the benefits of receiving a massage. The same theory applies to the ancient art of bodywork which originates from China. The healing properties of the traditional Chinese massage make it well worth considering for your health needs.

Many people are concerned with the safety of receiving a Chinese massage. In fact there are very few risks at all and they are relatively mild. The most common problem encountered is stiffness of the muscles. This is caused by the length of the energy flow through the body. If this rigidity continues long enough it can cause soreness.

You should know that a person receiving a traditional Chinese massage is not in any way in danger. They are being gently stimulated by the massage therapist in order to encourage a feeling of wellbeing. You may feel some tightness in the muscles as this is quite natural after the massage is finished but it should not be a major problem. It is also important to realize that what you have just experienced is not a form of hypnosis. There is no use panicking while in the midst of a traditional Chinese massage.

What is a traditional Chinese massage used for? The massage is used for many reasons including relieving stress, restoring flexibility and balance to the system, and for the treatment of illness. The idea behind the massage is that the whole body is linked together so if one area is affected, other parts of the body are also affected. Therefore the energy flow needs to be balanced to ensure good health.

A common question asked about traditional Chinese medicine and massage is how they treat and cure illness. Many people wonder how the two compare and what the relation between the two is. There is actually a very clear link between the two. The traditional Chinese massage works on the meridian points along the body which are connected to all organs and glands and are responsible for the proper function of these areas. As the energy flow is restored through these meridian points and the body, illness is prevented and treated.

When you think about how the traditional Chinese massage differs from Western methods you will start to see the differences. For example, Western medicine works on the symptoms and signs of illness but does not address the underlying cause of the illness. Chinese medicine works with the entire body and its symptoms. Western methods deal with the symptoms only. What is a traditional Chinese massage is used to treat the cause of the illness as well?

A key component of the traditional Chinese massage is the use of trigger points or acupoints throughout the body. The acupoints are placed in specific regions on the body which are linked directly to the different organs or glands and are responsible for the proper functioning of that organ or gland. When these acupoints are stimulated they restore the energy flow along the meridians, stimulate the organs or glands and generally improve the condition of the patient. So not only does this form of treatment address the symptoms of an illness, but it also improves the overall condition of the patient. This is something that cannot be achieved with the methods commonly used by modern Western doctors.

In summary, the question “what is a traditional Chinese massage?” is not easily answered because there is much variety within the traditional Chinese system of medicine. The best advice one could give is to work with an experienced masseur or masseuse who is trained in the proper placement and techniques of these types of massages. If done incorrectly the results could be less than desired. With a good education and training, the correct technique can be very effective.