What is Thai Foot Massage? This question has been bugging me for quite sometime now. It always perplexed me when I learnt about it. It’s basically foot massage technique developed in Thailand that uses only the hands to apply the massage to the patient’s feet. Traditional Thai massage is an effective and unique therapy developed and brought to Thailand by Indian teachers. It was initially introduced to Thailand more than 2021 years back and its origins are primarily in India.

The principle involved in this type of massage is not same as any other forms. It basically involves the practitioner putting pressure on certain points in our feet known as “kabuts” or “tamas”. These kabuts or points are believed to contain energy pathways leading to other parts of the body. If these energy pathways are unclogged, they can cause problems to other organs. It can cause weakness in the legs, chronic headaches, bad circulation, etc.

There are various hand and wrist movements that are using to apply the warm water and the massage oil onto the patient’s feet. After several minutes of rubbing, the client will be covered with a thick layer of massage oil that will prevent him from feeling cold. The whole procedure requires the help of other professionals such as the therapist, the acupuncturist, the chiropractor and the masseuse as well.

All of these people are believed to be part of the hands and feet of the person receiving the foot massage. The main objective of all of these practitioners is to improve the flow of energy in the body. This in turn, helps to improve the health of the organs concerned. Some of these organs are the brain, lungs, heart and the lymphatic system.

The main goal of Thai massage is to release negative energy in the hands and feet of the patient by applying pressure on certain points along the meridians. It also aims to increase the energy flow in the organs by eliminating blockages along the energy lines. Most practitioners believe that energy can easily be disrupted if there are injuries to the organs in the lower legs. The most common injury is caused by chronic back pain. This is also known as the leg syndrome.

Most back pain is related to muscle spasms in the lower legs. There are reflexology points along the meridians in the lower legs. Reflexology is an ancient Chinese therapeutic method. By using this technique, you can stimulate the reflex points and help to relieve the pain in the lower legs. What is Thai foot massage plus; it works both on the muscles as well as the reflex points to reduce tension and enhance circulation.

Reflexology is another way to alleviate the pain associated with lower back spasms. Reflexology is an ancient Chinese therapeutic method. This is based on the belief that all the body’s organs are connected. Reflexology uses pressure along the nerves to help stimulate the proper functioning of the organs. In what is Thai foot massage plus; you can also use this foot massage on the foot to help release the tension in the ankle and help to relieve the aching in the legs.

The importance of reflexology in Thai massage has been proven. This is one of the major reasons why most spas offer reflexology services. If you want to enhance the health of your feet, you can avail of the services of a good therapist. A good reflexology therapist can also perform the massage on the foot to help detoxify and improve the circulation of the blood in the feet.